Non-Focusable widget

Hi everyone. I made the pause function in c ++ Characters, and made the widget call in GameInstance. The logic is simple: press the key-there is an appeal to the Game Instance and the widget appears, click again-the widget disappears. On the first project, everything works fine, on the second project, an access error appears. UMG.dll.

The engine log writes:
LogPlayerController: Error: InputMode:UIOnly - Attempting to focus Non-Focusable widget SObjectWidget [Widget.cpp(799)]!

The BP Widget isFocusable check box is selected.

Code of Player’s function class c++:

Code of GameInstance:

I really don’t understand what’s going on, there are simple dependencies here…

Use the visibility mode for show/hide widgets SetVisibility(ESlateVisibility)

Thank you it really helped!