Non dedicated client Multiplayer works but dedicated server doesnt?

Hey guys, I’m building a multiplayer combat system right now and I’m having a confusing issue.

**Issue: **When I run through a non dedicated listen server, clients function accordingly in that they can hit each other (this is the clients interacting not with the server player) and upon 0 health be destroyed on the server & client.
When I run this on a dedicated server the clients will only replicate destruction of other clients to the servers maybe 60-70% of the time when I strafe and attack.
The issue of it not triggering unless I move left and right whilst attacking is most peculiar.

This doesn’t make much sense to me as it works between Server - Client, Client - Client on a non dedicated server, but has inconsistent results on a dedicated server. This keeps switching around.

Edit: The linetrace which detects and triggers the event to apply damage is always called consistently and does not have any issues with detection.

Cheers guys :slight_smile: