Non-credit card payment options.

Anyone have suggestion on how to sign up for subscription without a credit card. (I dont have one, and never will get one)

I hope Epic integrates PayPal subscription payment options.

Right now as it stands I cant signup and download it.

Thank you.

Good to know. I’ll wait a little and see what solution Epic comes up with. :slight_smile:

Do you not have a bank account with a Debit Card? I can understand the Credit Card opinion as I am the same way.

I live in Canada. We do have debit cards, but our debit cards do not have a credit-card like number that can be used for online purchases. The card number is a random bank specific number thats only used by the bank. So you either swipe your card with a PIN number or you insert it into the chip reader with a PIN number.

Its called INTERAC in Canada Home | Interac

And its options for online is quite limited. PayPal is far better in terms of online purchases.

I want to support developers, but my credit cart (mastercard) is not valid, so I cannot subscribe…
Epic are really asking for this software to be craked.

I don’t know if this available world wide. But the “3v visa” might be the best solution. It’s a pre-paid credit card. I’m from The Netherlands and indeed credit card payments aren’t that common here as well (at least not for me). The 3v Visa card really made things easier for me for doing online payments and purchases (web hosting etc).

Might be something to look into.

I know this is an older post but just in case you haven’t found a solution yet - You actually can use PayPal so i would recommend setting up yourself a PayPal account. PayPal has it’s own Canada division which you can see here -

When you add/edit your payment method you will see two tabs, one for **Credit Card **and one for PayPal

Hope that helps!