Non-compensated scale on a child joint makes its rotate wrong if parent joint has a non-uniform scale

Hi there !

I’m facing an issue on which I can’t seem to find any answer (google/forums…) when it comes to import a quite simple setup :

  • One joint that has a non-uniform scale on it (like (0.7;1,2;1,3))
  • Its child joint, which rotates and doesn’t have the option “Segment Scale Compensate” ticked in Maya (so the rotate will behave as “constrained” by the parent scaled joint)

It’s for a simple eyeball, here’s what you have in maya :

In FBX review (looks the same) :

In Unity (also good) :

…and then, in Unreal (turns bad) :

I’m wondering if I may have missed a crucial parameter somewhere, maybe at import (“preserve local transforms” doesn’t help), or in the engine prefs

[link text][5]

Any update on this ? At least to explain how to manage this if it’s possible. Thx =)