Non collision trigger

Hello again .so i have been offline for 2 weeks .And in that time i have not progressed at all in my game .I have a problem which i assumed would be a simple one . In my current setup when my ship overlaps any other object it changes its mesh to the fractured mesh and restarts the game … However i want to be able to trigger certain things such as objects falling traps being sprung etc etc . I have tried to accomplish this using collision boxes .and trigger boxes.However my ship always sees these as solid and the collision always causes my ship to explode and the game to restart . How can i trigger events without using overlaps. …Sorry for such a noob question guys

If I understood what you actually need… Attach a Collision-Box to the front of the ship, inside the ship’s BP.
Then the ship can trigger falling object traps, but as a part-of-the-ship it won’t solidly collide with geometry.

Starting to feel like i need my hand held through every single step in this process…And believe me guys i am more annoyed at my ineptitude than you are …I went and had a look at the documentation as ironic paradox politely suggested .And well i am non the wiser .I also attached a collision box to my bp but could not get that to work either …

I am currently using on event begin overlap to do my collisions but it sounds as if overlap is more suited to my current problem . So i tried using hit events for my collisions and could not get them to fire …I am feeling very dumb and even more frustrated at the minute guys …

I will explain my main game mechanic/concept and maybe that will make it clearer what i am trying to achieve

Ok so the player chooses a ship and then a passenger …All the passengers are thrill seekers looking to be scared …On the hud i have a heart rate for the passenger… Its the players job to scare the customer without killing them causing heart failure etc etc So to cut a long story short i want to be able to guage the proximity of the ship to the obstacles passing by .These near misses will lead to an increased heart rate And hence the player will be payed more for giving a more thrilling ride…SOOOO i was going to have 3 maybe 4 trigger boxes near each obstacle so when the ship passes i can tell my blueprint how close i was to the obstacle at what speed and then do some math and figure out a good heart rate increase …I also figured i could use a similar system to open gate set off traps increase speed and many other things …

My problem is i can get the collision to be ignored but then it also does not trigger anything …I realy hope thgis makes sense

Go through the checklist:

  • Generate Overlap Events is checked.
  • Query is enabled in some form or another.
  • Ship is on a collision channel that your trigger box responds to.

Note that with collision channels, both channels must have the same collision response to each other in order to work properly.

Hmmm yes thanks that makes perfect sense …However since i use overlap for my main collisions i need to use event hits for any other triggering . Now i assumed that i could simply disable generate overlap events and enable generate hit events on the meshes as i need to. However i can not get hit events to fire without also enabling overlap events .Which is useless … since overlap events cause my ship to crash and burn . I assume that my brain is failing me (as usual) .What am i missing ? I am not trying to sound stupid …So if i do its genuine lol …I am trying to implement this in the bp of my ship .Not the bp of the obstacle which has little to no scripting

Not sure / little time to think more on it…
But maybe a hybrid solution would work…

Hi guys after trying for a fair few more hours i decided to quit on the idea of using overlaps to trigger my events and give my obstacles a pawn sensing component instead since i have used this before …However it seems that my pawn sensing component refuses to work … I gave my obstacles a small line of sight that is only slightly larger than the obstacle itself i then used on see pawn to print a string. My player ship is a pawn yet …On see pawn never gets triggerd …Like i said before i have used on see pawn in a previous project with no issues so i am struggling to see my problem