Non character animation from blender - None Game Question


I´m relative new to Unreal Engine, but I wonder if there are any idea to use this real time engine to make industrial films in.
To be more specific, non character movies. Where there are many things that are animated in a sequence.

My main tool are Blender, and I want to make the whole film in there and then export it to unreal for rendering in real time.

Here´s an example of an “none character film” I found.v=r78Tlwy_kPY
What I tried:
Animate in blender, export as FBX to UE.
But I have to export every object separate?
And the export times are long and blender often crash, then unreal takes even longer time to import the files.

Anybody tried to use Unreal for something like this, and know a better pipeline?

I personally would just create the meshes in blender - export and import them - set up the scene - create the movement with matinee -> much easier and faster :smiley:

  • you could keep everything in one file - export everything - in the engine import window just disable “combine meshes” -> now it will import all meshes at once