Non-brown eye color not translating into Maya

Hey everyone. First of all, MetaHuman is an awesome tool and I’m really enjoying it.

However I’ve noticed that any non-brown eye color will not get into Maya once I import the asset. Everything is working great except for that. The diffuse map that’s used seems to be always based on a brown color.

I’m wondering whether this is an option that I’m missing or whether it’s intended. I’ve checked every single option on the export/download settings to make sure I’m exporting and downloading everything. At the same time I haven’t seen many people complaining about this and every page I’ve checked on the export process into Maya doesn’t mention any of this.

It’s not that big of an issue, I can always take the diffuse map image and change it myself and get more creative input in that process, but I’m still wondering why this is happening.

Thank you all :slight_smile:

This is actually a known issue and we are working to fix this at some point.

Thank you for bringing it up :slight_smile:

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