Nomte's Tower - Procedural platformer with a twist

Hi Guys!

(For SEO reasons I had to change the name of the game from “Nomte’s Tower” to “Planet Tower”, all info below is updated!)

I just released my very first game, “Planet Tower” for android. I hope you like it! C&C, ideas, suggestions or questions are more than welcome!!

Get it now on Google Play:

Nomte lives happy in his little planet. His planet has an infinite tower and today he decided to see how far he can go.

Planet Tower is an endless platform with a new twist. It is procedurally generated, so every game is a unique challenge in his journey to the sky and beyond!
On his way, Nomte can collect meteorite rocks and craft his own gadgets: from a simple parachute to a rocket backpack or a relatively safe teleport.

This is my very first project in UnrealEngine4. I’ve never coded before and the game is completely done in blueprints. I am a 3D technical artist and developing this game as a personal project as been equally fun and challenging. I developed it along 13 months, usually on the weekends or late nights. Now the first stage is released and it’s time to sleep a little more hehe.

Thanks Patryk and Andrei for their support with their useful plugins “UniversalMobileAds” and “Ultimate Touch Components” respectively.


Hey Nomte, congratulations!
I downloaded Nomte’s Tower…well done, you are very talented and your game put me in a good mood :wink:

If you want a better Italian translation for Play Store app, here it is: “Unitevi a Nomte, nel suo viaggio, alla scoperta della Torre infinita per raggiungere il cielo e oltre”.

Thanks for your nice words! and also for the Italian correction, I will update Google Play with it. :smiley:


Awesome game, awesome idea and awesome controls! Good luck! :cool:

I’m glad you like it! Thanks! :slight_smile:

For SEO reasons I decided to change “Nomte’s Tower” to “Planet Tower”. The apostrophe, plus the google suggestions (like Montys tower, Notes tower, etc) made the searching for the game very difficult. Thankfully I perceived the error before some promotional mailing to mobile gaming websites. Any suggestion or experience doing that? :smiley: