Nominate Your Game for a Demo Space at Develop in Brighton

On the 9th and 10th July Epic will be hosting the Networking Lounge and Bar at the Develop Conference & Expo at the Metropole Hotel in Brighton and we have four pods available to showcase some of the most interesting games from within our UE4 subscription community.

We’re looking for individuals, teams or studios that have a great game in development that would benefit from getting some wider exposure at the Develop conference. Over the two days of the Expo your game will be seen by fellow developers, publishers and members of the media who are attending the Develop Conference and Expo.

You will have to cover your own travel and accommodation but Epic will provide you with a powered pod and PC within the Lounge and exhibitor passes to get into the hall.

If you’d like to enter please send the following:

• Overview of your game
• What makes it different
• What the current status is – is it playable
• Screenshots and video
• Overview of you and your team and who would be attending at the show

Please send your submission of no more than 300 words to [EMAIL=“”]

The four winners will be notified by Wednesday 2nd July and the results will be posted on the UE4 website by Friday 4th July.

Good luck!

Any possibility you could do something like this in the USA? Even if I won I don’t think I could afford to travel to the United Kingdom.

Don’t get me wrong. I think this is a great opportunity for the developers in the UK! If I lived there I would be signing up!

What is the deadline for submission ?

We are planning on attending Develop so this could be a good opportunity for us . What is the deadline for submission ?

Does this game needs to be made with UE4, or you also accepting entries for games made with UDK?

Thank you.

Nice, wish I had something more complete to show so I could take up the opportunity, hopefully they’ll be more opportunities like this in the future.

Great venue was down there myself last week, I’m still hungover and sunburnt.

One word of warning, don’t end the night in a place called Graces, the strippers arn’t worth the £20 entry fee.

@Demolition Man - yes, there will be opportunities such as this one in the US. We’re still working that out for future events. Also, good seeing you on the stream yesterday!

@DaveHall17 - as soon as possible, would be great to have something by Monday or Tuesday.

@smallB - would prefer to go with UE4 projects but please feel free to submit if you’re sure you can make it to Develop. :slight_smile:

@savagebeasty - will keep that in mind, cheers.

Hi, thank you for your reply.
I’ll pass then, and prepare for next year.
Thank you

Hey, I just shipped an email over. My game isn’t 100% ready but I did just work on a free, fun to read e-book that I thought could be cool to give out to show just how simple it is to make great games with Blueprints in Unreal Engine 4.

I also mentioned in the email that physical versions are available (I don’t make any money from it, I do it for the love!) if you guys 'n gals wanted to go down that route.

I just thought it’d be a cool idea that you could show-off the Engine and be all like "Just look how simple it is to use! Hands book

I sent an Email, but my space would primarily be about explaining the concepts of the game since it’s in pre-dev. I, sadly, couldn’t cover all in the email because of the word limit. Mine is of low chance, but it’s a chance none the less!

:slight_smile: I have also sent you guys an e-mail

For those community members that are interested what my team and I are developing: (unfortunately just WIP music, but we will also upload a gameplay trailer after we have made some improvements ;))

Right, A) Develop in Brighton, Ive never heard of B) This thread seems a bit old, have i missed it? And most importantly of all if i attend will Epic reimburse me my travel costs and hotel in Beeeeeeeer & Food…

It’s one of the biggest developer conferences in the world.

No. This thread is a week old.

Optimism much? You’re getting free floor space at a conference (which is costly) and free entry to the event itself…

Oh good to hear we’ll see something similar in the states. My project isn’t yet to a demo state, so I was bummed about missing this.

It was a joke, Im not even applying. Im working on 3 game’s out of 5 planed but only one is even close to showing off an early alpha.

Results to be posted on the UE4 website by 4th July?

Is this open to the public or invite only? I don’t have a game to enter, but I live in Brighton so I might pop in to have a look around if it’s open. If not, maybe there will be some stream to watch?

I think everybody can buy tickets:

When you are there make sure to visit me in the networking lounge :slight_smile:


Here we go: :wink: