Nominate the RuntimeMeshComponent for a dev grant!

While I haven’t seen this done before on the forums but I’ll give it a shot anyways! I just created this account to do this under my own name as I’m speaking for myself.

This is in regards to:

I’ve been using Koderz RMC for several months on an indie project with a small team. During this time I’ve had discussions with Koderz on several occasions both in direct support of the RMC as well as help with other procedural mesh generation related topics. We moved to the RMC after using the ProceduralMeshComponent for a while and having problems with performance and have nothing but good things to say overall. In my talks with Koderz, I’ve learned about what he wants to do long term with the RMC, which the best way of describing it is attempting to bring it as close to feature parity with the StaticMeshComponent, HierarchicalInstancedStaticMeshComponent, and SplineMeshComponent as is possible to do in real time. That includes LOD, Instancing, Replication, Collision, as well as more interesting visual things like supporting DFAO and DFSS.

I would like to ask Epic to investigate the possibility of giving Koderz a dev grant to help him out like he’s helped us! He’s told me that he applied several months back but I hadn’t seen anything related to it so I figured it wasn’t granted. I know there’s quite a few people and teams using the RMC that would agree with me that the RMC has been an invaluable resource and we’d love to see more support for it! It really helps make UE4 more appealing to projects that require runtime content generation.

I definitely second this!

Yes, that would be great!
I also think that this project helps a lot of people with dynamic content. I would definitely like to see it improved even further.

I also think that this should have been part of the Engine from the start, but this is as good a replacement as one can hope for.

I agree with everything. Has Koderz been denied a dev grant?

I agree.

The RMC has become the one solution for anyone using UE4 for any procedurally generated or runtime imported meshes.

The only bad thing to say about the RMC is that there’s a ton of planned features and optimizations without any certain timeframe when they will get implemented, since Koderz is working on this alone and for free. Giving him a dev grant will help with that, and everyone will benefit from that. All games that rely on the RMC can get faster with every optimization that’s added to the RMC, look better with every new supported rendering feature and UE4 as an engine benefits from there actually being a good and efficient solution for dynamically created meshes. That was definitely not a strength of UE4 before.

So in their own interest, Epic should consider giving Koderz a dev grant for the RMC. And if Epic thinks the RMC is not worthy enough yet, please be sure to reevaluate that after every update the RMC gets, since it really gets significantly better with every update. Just look at the step from v1 to v2, and if he still has not gotten a dev grant after v3 is out, then I would definitely call into question that decision. :slight_smile:

Let’s be honest, this will not change drastically with a dev grant, and it would not even get better in the hands of Epic Game :wink:

Well it wouldnt hurt and it would probably give him more of an incentive to keep going. Whether it makes the development faster or not I still think he should get one! :cool:

May his efforts be dev granted!

I too hope Koderz receives a dev grant. For anyone working with runtime generated meshes his contributions are of great value and I look forward to his updates. Keep up the great work!