NOMAD Satellite

A discovery satellite travelling millions of kilometers away from earth, into dark and cold space deep in our solar system with orbital course to Jupiter. This project born while I was studying and experimenting creating true space conditions in Unreal Engine. The models are done in 3ds Max, texturing with Substance Painter, rendering and animation in Unreal Engine.

Full project here: Behance

Watch it on Vimeo: NOMAD Satellite - Unreal Engine on Vimeo
Watch it on YouTube: NOMAD Satellite - Unreal Engine - YouTube

*Use headphones / handsfree for best experience!

Very interesting, realist and unusual :slight_smile:

Only thing that would need work is the music which doesn’t fade out at the end of the video. The current version sound unfinished with that abrupt audio ending.

But for the overall project, well done :smiley:

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