Noitom Perception Neuron -10 Neuron Hand Test

Hi all,

So I finally got round to testing my Noitom Perception Neuron kit. I recorded a 10 neuron (I ony have 11 unfortunately) hand setup and have posted it here:
I think it is quite impressive and tried to get as many twists and bends in there as possible. Small niggle was that lateral finger movement was not captured at all (open palm fingers together/fingers spread out).
Mocap has been exported as an .fbx from the axis neuron software (free) by Noitom. The fbx may vary from what is shown in footage and can be grabbed here:
Please note that it was exported on the default axis neuron skeleton and I am rubbish at cleaning up/manipulating/retargeting mocap data so cannot confirm if it can be used in UE4. I’m relying on the clever folks here to make that magic happen and hopefully educate me in the process! While Noitom support Unity, with documentation on their site they’ve yet to release any instructions on UE4 integration. However, they have confirmed support sometime in the future. I’m hoping somebody here can beat them to it.

The kit itself has amazing potential and is building momentum to a level I believe even Noitom didn’t expect (you can only preorder it atm). Additionally it is more affordable than the alternatives like Optitrack and Synertial systems. We should be able to see more of its integration with game engines at Siggraph 2015. I’m very excited by this and hope us indies can take our animation that one step closer to the big Studios. Now please help me get this working in UE4! :slight_smile:

Cool thanks for the info and video! I got a shipping notification today and will likely get my PN kit in a week or two :slight_smile:

Hello, I’m looking for users of PERCEPTION NEURON before ordering it online for my serious’ game company. Did you order and receive your modele ?
Do they function as good as on videos ?
Thank you

The kit itself is great and there’s already an early UE4 plugin out there, which is being updated. As for ordering it, be prepared to wait for a very long time before receiving it as their backlog is huge and they are still fine tuning their manufacturing pipeline. I ordered some neurons back in June and am told I should get them Q1 2016.