Noise/Sound audio input as game controller

Hi guys,
i want to use input from my microphone for scaling game enviroment around player, i do not know how to convert measure and convert volume to those actions
i found this tutorial - YouTube but i do not know C++ and i can not find any example project where i can see what is going on, i also tried some programs like voice attack or vocals where it can convert speech to keybinds but i would like it to use something which does not analyse words

Do you have any ideas, or do you know about any solution, example project or something like that?

Thanks, Tom

4.19 will have a new audio capture plugin that includes a mic capture component (PC only now) that will let you do this easily. I also checked in a means to get envelope following of any sound (including the capture component). This is also only with the new audio mixer.

If you have github, you can check out the audio capture plugin here on our master branch:

Hi MK,

The link ends in 404.

Anyway, since it will be supported to get the mic input as a sound source - would it be also possible to use the line-in jack for the same purpose ?

A very basic example would be to create a virtual radio station studio in UE - people chatting around in the studio using their headsets, music flowing in from the line-in - all being listenable by the other players.