Noise Operations for Terrain/Biome generation: "How to have less of something?"

Hi there!

I managed to build the first steps of a little 2D map generator by using simplex noise.
I can now scale, move and semi randomize the outcome (very basic). Result could look like this:

My question now: If I am happy with the size and shape of the lakes for example, how would I go and reduze the amount of those lakes? Since size and shape is fine I assume it not the noise setting I have to adjust. But Im also pretty clueless how else I could approach this.
I hope you have some tipps for me :slight_smile:


Is this just a material stuck on a scaled up mesh? Then I think you’re a victim of resolution.

Have you tinkered with the settings of the noise?

Hi Clock :slight_smile:

Currently this are thousands of instanced cube meshes with one material, each side of the cube representing a different color.
So I just rotate them in relation to the noise output.

Tinkering for a whole while already … :slight_smile:

Search web for procedure texture , you will find so many idea for that.