Noise in surfaces

Hello, UE Hivemind!
I’m putting together a cinematic shot for a video. Some surfaces in the background are producing lot of noise though. Not just in the rendered video, but in the editor as well.
Link to video clip of rendered video:
[HouseINT - YouTube][1]

I removed the foliage shadow and determined it wasn’t that, the noise is still there, thought removing the directional light eliminates the issue so it must have something to do with how I’ve set it? The noise is also present in the vase, though much more minimally.

Lightmass settings are angled more toward the Archvix videos Ive watched rather than gameplay:

Here are the altered post process settings in place

Please help! Been watching raytracing tutorials all afternoon and nothing is helping

And an update upon further evaluation turning off ray tracing in project settings fixes the foliage shadow issue (the shadows match the sway, and the noise goes away).

SO I have an issue with ray tracing and I would love it if someone could help me pinpoint exactly where to start looking please