Noir Detective Narrative - Environment - WIP

Howdy! Been casually working on a noir detective game. I blocked out the scene in Blender, and pieced assets together from original work, Quixel Bridge, and Sketchfab. The goal is to create a very short narrative game with simple puzzle mechanics to find out ‘what happened last night.’ Software used–Blender, Substance Painter, Bridge, and UE4. Please forgive the low FPS as all settings are at ‘cinematic’ and my computer is a mid-range rig. Thanks for letting me share. This is a WIP, so it still needs tweaks and polish. If you work in Blueprints, I’d love to collaborate. Cheers.

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  • This is not related to the Detective UE4 tutorial I’ve seen floating around. :wink:

I’m pretty unsure about my work. Especially when I spend a week or more on a project I think it good, and not get a single piece of feedback or encouragement.

I posted this piece on multiple forums and discords, and not a single bit of response.

Is it bad? Is it amateur? Do I word my post badly?

:wink: Don’t know where else to go for UE4 feedback.

It’s nice work, RA3ID. The lighting is especially well done and gives a proper “noir” feel. I also like the little touches like the red light from the neon sign and the bent blinds.

One small criticism: the wood paneling looks too shiny and has too much texture. I think it would only look like that if it were brand new and had a coat of polish on it, which is not the consistent with the noir look of the other items.

Nice work with all the props and scene construction. Don’t be too easily discouraged by lack of feedback, as we are all busy people too. Also, check out the UnrealEngine subreddit, as that seems like a good place to get feedback on your work. Cheers.