NoEnd House - First Person Psychological Horror

Hello! This is actually my first post here, so it’ll great to hear back from people familiar with the engine. Anyhow, I’m 16 years old, and I’ve finally had the courage to start up my first title. Being a big fan of horror, I’ve had some strong ideas for a immersive horror game. A lot of the inspiration grew from a few online stores (Creepypasta) about a haunted attraction called “NoEnd” House.

“NoEnd House” is a First Person Psychological Horror game, based around what seems to be an innocent haunted attraction. The reason it gets that name is because no one can make it to the end of the thirteen rooms. The first person to make it to the end wins a $500 dollar prize, and the opportunity is still open. But here’s the catch, each room is significantly scarier than the last. What starts off as a fun experience turns into a hellish nightmare as the fears concealed in each room become exposed. Do you have what it takes to make it to the end?

The game’s main atmosphere takes place in a old house, although in neat condition. My goal for the game is to provide a immersive atmosphere, as well as an unsettling feel throughout the game. Suspense will be a big part in this game, and I want to revolve it around a strong build up with less scares, but enough activity to keep the player on edge.

Anyhow, here are some of the early ingame screenshots.

And lastly, here’s a render (not in UE4) of the exterior house.

There’s still a lot to show, but I’m not trying to spill everything this early in production, I’ll definitely have more content to show later on in development. Feedback is appreciated and I can’t wait to show off more as time goes by.


I can’t see the pictures for some reason on my phone ;( is it just me?

I can’t see them either. :confused:

Woops, I guess somehow the pictures didn’t register? Should be properly fixed now.

Ah thats better! Liking the progress so far :slight_smile:

You’re only 16? Holy ****! You’re doing a fantastic job. Can’t wait to see more!