Nodes for choosing static mesh and trigger volumes in construction script

I’d like to create a construction script so that whenever a level designer places a new instance of the actor in the world, he has to choose a static mesh and place trigger volume/s (every instance will be unique). What nodes would be useful for this?

Hi robbiecooper,

I have a sample from one of my projects I can share with you. Included a variation depending on your situation. The variation includes a way to directly set the mesh, the option I used in game was to create one node to handle all the station’s interaction. Similar to how you think of ammo, I have one multipurpose node. Next is the Capsule to detect overlap. It includes trigger size, notice only the first variable is used for the Sphere and Capsule, and a Box would need the entire vector.


On Construction:

I hope this helps.


Hey SilentX, I’m one of your YouTube subscribers. Let me take a closer look at what you’ve done here. There’s a bunch of nodes there that look very useful! Quite alot to take in, I’ll post another comment soon and accept your answer if its as useful as it looks at first glance! Many thanks…

Oh sweeeeet! Thanks for the sub. – I hope I explained it clearly enough, but you see I created the first enumeration for this specific Mesh. More specifically I created a Station Type which determines the type of Pick Up it is. In this case being either Health, Armor, or Boost. I know this may be a special case, while you seem to want something more general. So you’re not forced to repeat the same actions of creating a blueprint then attaching a trigger to a mesh. This would allow you to put in the mesh, determined the trigger size and immediately get to the Begin Overlap Event to set its desired function.

My pleasure!

I’m in the process of making a blueprint for hand-holds. No hand-hold on any level would have the same static mesh. They would all have one static mesh, a collision mesh, and one or more than one trigger volume. I’ve been using blueprints for a couple of days, and am realizing how powerful they are. But my knowledge is really at beginner level.

Hmm, I’m beginning to understand. These blueprints can help level designers immensely. Are you attempting to create Templates for the individual meshes or a Blueprint that easily allows them to add into these 3 components? When you speak of multiple trigger volumes, it makes me believe some of these pieces may be more intricate. So give me an example of the situation you would like Blueprints to easily handle.

It could all be done manually. You have a load of static meshes, and a blueprint, and give each combination of mesh and blueprint a slightly different name. However, the trigger volume part of it seems like something that a template or construction script could handle very well? maybe, it may have to be all manual…

I would begin with the simple mesh and volume template I’ve created above. You can definitely utilize Blueprints to speed up the Level Design Process. If you check out the Content Examples - DemoDisplay , you will notice they have modular mesh. Changes from a Round, Square L, Room L, and Description mesh. So when it comes to meshes you will use over and over with slight modifications. Blueprints can definitely lend a hand. So an example could be Street Lights, you have multiple meshes for a Street Light Blueprint. The model can be in a perfect state, broken, or rusted. You can alternate through light states - on, off, and flickering. But there is no catch-all, you must find what works best works.

Here is a Tutorial from Epic on this exact solution.

If there is other level designers here, they may be able to chime in further on different cases that worked for them.

That’s great mate, thanks very much!

Hey SilentX, check this out;

Turns out there’s a tutorial on this;
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