Nodes and what they do

Complete beginner at coding and BPs. I was wondering if anyone knows where I can find a list of all the Bp nodes and what they do and maybe some examples of how they are used??? The UE4 documentation glossary hardly has anything.


I had the same problem. I stopped working on my own game because of that for an entire year… But then I started again and I have to say that the channel Mathew Wadstein on youtube is really awesome! In his Wtf-series there is a lot of nodes which he explains (I think few hundreds! I am still learning :smiley:

Nodes are pretty easy to understand but you must spent some time learning them…
I recommend you to do first epic easy tutorials and then advanced tut
If you finish these tutorials (it may take 1-3 months) then you will be intermediate blueprinter and you will able to do almost everything with BPs…

Hey, you could try this:

It’s English (by Marcos Romero) or German (translated by me) and it’s 25 Blueprints nodes explained.
The ones you most likely want to know about as a base. Of course there are many more.

If you haven’t programmed yet I would also recommened you to learn basic objective programming.
Even if Blueprints look like something different than code, it’s actually the exact same, so you can’t get around learning to program.
The rest of the nodes can be learned by simply adding them to the EventGraph and hovering over them.
Or through the BlueprintAPI (google).

As already mentioned, Mathew Wadstein has tons of videos on youtube too.

This awesome fella here has been doing a youtube channel with a little video on every node in bps.

He hasnt covered them all yet, but he has the more important/common ones.

This is what Unreal Engine should’ve had this in for the troubleshooting section for documentation to explain the nodes like these guys are doing.