Node to check collision?

Get your box component → Get Overlapping Actors and in ForEachLoop check if there are some elements, if yes set your boolean :slight_smile:
Or drag “Length” node from Get Overlapping Actors and check if it is > 0.

I need a node that’ll allow me to run a check for whether anything is overlapping the box component of my pawn.
Event Begin Overlap, and Event End Overlap are not working for my current purposes.
I need to recieve a boolean value for whether there is a collision occuring when a check is run.
Is this possible in Unreal Engine 4?


I got this far, but how do I check if there are some elements? :3

For example, create an int var “overlappingActorsCount” and add +1 for every Array Element. Then on Completed, if this var > 0 then it’s overlapping something.

Or drag “Length” node from GetOverlappingActors and check its value.

It works!! Thanks :slight_smile: