Node to adjust Normal Map resolution?

I need to make subtle textures and would like a way to adjust my normal maps with a node so that they can be made less intense, I already make them with very little texture and would like more control still. Is there a node for this?



You can take your normal map and multiply it by a fraction less than 1 and then place it into the Normal Input of your material and this will decrease the Intensity of your normal, multiplying by a by a number greater than one will increase the intensity.

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

Not sure I follow Eric. Do I add a multiply node? I just tried Normal Map>Multiply Node> Normal input and that doesn’t work.

Apologies I forgot to take into account the normalization that the engine does by default when doing operations on normals, the following setup should work for you:

That works thanks!

I wish the node structure in UE4 wasn’t so complicated…oh well I’m sure you have your reasons.