Node that activates after any button was pressed?

I don’t know how can I create a kismet node that will activate my event after user pressed any button. Can someone please help me with that? I’m using UDK 2015-02.

I think you would have to edit your game’s input.ini to make every key call the AnyKey() function (or call whatever functions they need to call, but then inside those functions in UnrealScript, make those functions call AnyKey()). Then in your game’s PlayerInput class make an AnyKey() function. Make it activate a console event, which you may as well call AnyKey. You can activate it with CauseEvent(‘AnyKey’). Then in Kismet make the console event called AnyKey.

Or… You could open up a GFxMoviePlayer that captures keyboard input. Then give it some ActionScript that calls“AnyKey”). And then in your UnrealScript GFxMoviePlayer class, make the AnyKey() function call MyPlayerController(GetPC()).AnyKey().