Node Picker/Filter hangs Editor when pasting large content

Branch: Binary

Build version: 4.7.2-2467323+++depot+UE4-Releases+4.7

Detailed description of the issue: Accidentally attempting to paste something into the Search box on the BP Node Picker (that appears when right-clicking the editor) causes the whole editor to hang, depending on the text length.

When I encountered this, I pasted BP contents in there after moving the canvas around using Right-Drag and accidentally opened the Picker with another Right-click before pasting; then I hit Ctrl+V and Editor stopped responding. Fortunately the only work lost was the BP in my clipboard, so I could easily paste it in again.

With shorter text lines, it will eventually finish, but I’m pretty sure that any possible filter text shouldn’t be longer than, lets say 100 characters or so…and certainly should not contain a line break.

Also, other filter boxes such as the Details search box to filter properties do not seem to suffer from this behavior. Toggling context sensitivity on the BP Node Picker does not make a (noticable) difference.

Repro Steps:

  1. Open any BP editor (such as the level BP)
  2. Copy some large text content into the clipboard (ex.: from another BP, from AnswerHub, or somewhere else. Take this bug report for example).
  3. Right-click the canvas to open the Node Picker
  4. Hit Ctrl+V to paste text

This certainly isn’t a high priority thing, but I thought I’d report it anyways since it caught me by surprise.

PS: I wouldn’t mind if the About box had either a textbox for the version or some sort of Copy button that copies the build/version info into the clipboard, just to make reporting things easier.

Hi BhaaL,

This is a known issue and has been reported as UE-11436.