Node if two meshes are in contact?

I have a problem with some management of the default player character so I am trying to make my own blueprint with actor mesh and invisble mesh that will serve me as collision box. I don’t know how to make it react when I enter in contact with another mesh because I am using Event Tick > AddWorldOffset for movement and it goes trough the other objects. I was thinking to use same Event Tick to check if i am already in contact or at least nearby another object so i can stop this specific movement, but I dont know such node.

So I need a node that say Yes or No if I am in contact or nearby another mesh in the scene.

…or a better movement way that will avoid me from doing all the “coding”

There is no such node. You need to use collision layers and OnComponentBeginOverlap event on your collision box


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What node to use for movement then? Add force can be good for topdown rpg?

Depending on what are you want to get, for topdown rpg I’d prefer to use something simpler, you can get ideas from examples inside UE

Yes but I don’t know how to make the object move at all. I only know AddWorldOffset node. Anything u tell me simpler will be fine for me thanks

No one will make a game for you. You should do some research before asking otherwise you won’t be able to do anything
UE includes templates, good to start from them

thank you this looks great, just one more thing to ask because for some reason gravity doesnt pull my mesh down what else can I do about it?

gravity doesnt pull my mesh down

I have enabled the gravity but not the simulate physics, Thank you!!!