Node "Event BeginPlay" AND Node "Do N"

Hi everyone!

I am trying to make the light turn on and off a certain number of times when starting the scene. At the same time, I want to IMPLEMENT this through the "Event BeginPlay"node. I try to make the number of flashes through the node “Event Begin Play”, but the node “Event BeginPlay” in any case performs all subsequent nodes only once!

At the same time, in the “Event Tick” node, I calmly manage to implement my task.

How do I make “Event BeginPlay” run multiple times?

Im a very beginner too and might be wrong but try to begin Play->do n and from the exit of do n go to ur on/off light function and from the on/off light function to the enter of ur do n again … this should loop ur on/off light n Times

Begin play runs once, that’s what it’s for.

Tick is total overkill to turn a light on and off.

What would work well is a timer:

If you want to stop after N times:

@Ebii91 probably meant this:

Which would work OK for something super simple, sure. Timers give you more control, ofc.


Yup, thats what i meant :slight_smile: