Node comments, not saving comments.

Its Only for me or for more people?

I´ve started to organize my blueprints to share my project of #UE4Jam from march, and commented node by node, what they are doing, for learning purposes.
Today I´ve opened to review, and this is what I found.



I´m missing something, or this is a BUG? My UE4 version is 4.10.4

Comments will revert to what you have previously typed in them, in this case that may be nothing. It is a bug I have had to deal with for a while :frowning:

And what you are using to work around?

I’m not. :confused:

Well… you could however…


Ok,ok… its not the besy workaround, but what works for marooned people… :stuck_out_tongue:

I´ve discovered. You need to type ENTER to save it.
If you simple lost focus on field, they don’t save.