Nodal Offset Calibration crashes Unreal Engine 5

Hello. I have an odd and old problem. I’m doing lens calibration and everything seems ok, until I try doing Nodal Offset Calibration with Points Method via HTC Vive Tracker 3. For some reason it always crashes Unreal. This occures to me since at least 5.1 version (haven’t tested this in 5.0). Recent version of Unreal, 5.2.1, also crashes. The only version that doesn’t is 4.27.1. This crash happens on multiple computers and different installations of Unreal, so I believe this is a current engine bug.

Hope, I can recieve some advice on how to deal with this. Or, maybe, this problem plagues other people using these systems too, and will eventually get patched.

i am also having same issue,

Same issue here. Recreated my calibration environment in Unreal 4.27.2, works just fine. Super frustrating, basically wasted an entire shoot day on this.

Can you provide the crash logs?