Noble's bedroom UE5 Scene

I had a few assets left from school project from 2020 and I wanted to make a scene that feels lived in so I decided to build this bedroom. It is inspired by Neo-gothic style but I added my own twist to it. I wanted to focus on story telling building a room after a wild celebration. What would it look like a day after a young noble hosts a drinking party? All assets are made by me.

Artstation link

Hope you enjoyed!

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Greetings @mK0, and welcome to the Unreal Engine community! Thank you for sharing your incredible post-celebration “Noble’s bedroom” scene here in the forums as well! Every asset in this bedroom helps paint a description of the eventful night experienced before; one can surely tell it was quite the party! :tada: How long did it take to create this scene in its entirety since you had some of the assets shown readily available?

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Thank you for your kind words! I thought it will be a quick job since I already had some main assets like the bed and walls. But in the end I spent a year with this project. In total probably if I worked every day for 2 hours for a month it would equal the time I spent on it. Lighting for example gave me a lot of headache and I reworked it several times etc. Also just searching and deciding for the right references for props takes a lot of time and thinking.

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The pleasure is all mine, and this scene came out splendid for a year of hard work! Kudos again on a job well done; I can’t wait to see what other projects you’re working on. :slightly_smiling_face: