No70 - Horror Game

We are developing a horror game in (I am programmer in project) UE4. Game involves lots of interactivity in it, our first mission is to make graphics look good and secondary mission is make dynamics very deep. Game will be released in 2016 but a demo will take a place soon.
Steam Group:
[INDENT]The game tells the story of our heroes past,the fears that were brought upon him in the house where he grew up.

The hero of the game has never forgotten the terrible experience of living in the past. It remains alive in the memories of constant depth of self.

This is to put an end to his experiences, it is necessary to solve the mystery of his life and the secrets that linger in his shadows.

Therefore he returns to the place where it all began,his childhood home,70…

These mysteries will reveal a terrible secret that has traumatised him in the past

The darkness that has gotten control over him,will he be able to get rid of this burden by following the whispers and shadows?[/INDENT]