No XP for spending so long making games in UEFN.

As someone who loves to play the game and grind the battlepass and get new skins etc. I find it kinda upsetting that I can spend 10 hours a day making games in UEFN and Creative and get 0 Xp for doing so. There’s just not enough hours in the day to play the game and make games in the game at the same time l. it would be a nice gesture to us UEFN devs if epic rewarded us with in game XP for using UEFN. And hey if kids find out that epic rewards xp for using UEFN then that could get more people into map creation and expand the whole experience even further.

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Since UEFN I am unable to get to lvl 200

Last few season were good, but I blinked and they ended, last season I only got to lvl 30,
I need to buy the battlepass again, but if I cant get enough levels to recuperate the vbucks I’m gonna hafta buy some to get a battle pass that I don’t get full value for because I’m not getting XP from UEFN or launched sessions

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