no worked exposition

Hello. :slight_smile: The situation is that when I use UE4 4.27.2 and try to change the exposure in my arcviz scene, I can’t see the changes I made through the viewport, but from the camera I can see it all. But then I take a screenshot using the camera view and the result is the same as in my vewport, the exposure doesn’t work.
Could you please explain to me what the problem is?
In another project with the same version 4.27.2 exposure is working correctly, I can see the changes in momen.

The viewport camera has to be inside the post process volume and that volume needs to have the highest priority if there are more than one volume in the scene. The volume can extend infinite. Then you don’t need to be inside the volume.
Finally the cine camera has its own post process volume settings. That’s what you see through the camera.