No Weapon has any Ammo

Hey Guys, i’m done with my knowlege about the unreal engine so i need you help. I created a stack mod wich has one last problem, The Ammo of any type of gun can’t put in to it. So as example, When i take the bow, i can’t shot with the arrows whiyh are in my inventory(I can’t shot with any Arrow). So When you know where i did a mistake or where i have to edit something please answer me. Tanks

Your Faitfully


You have to make a some new files for EACH ammo type.
When I made new Arrows…


For each arrow I made. Once you do that, it should work. LOTS of testing, to make sure when it loads into the weapons, that it actually goes to the right weapon. If you get the drag onto options out of order… it does some odd… things.

Good Luck

Thank you for Helping