"No Visual Studio Compiler detected" Error

So… I did download myself the unreal engine to try it out.

But after i did install it, i did start it up and found this error on the bottom of the window:

That wonderts me, i do not have visual studio 2013 installed, but an (in my opinion) better version !

As you can see here:

To my knowledge, this installed the full load of C++ compilers as VS2013 and im not willingly to go throu the whole install process (that takes 4->6 hours on my system) again, only to install VS2013.

So the final question is, is it possible to make UE accept my VS2015RC as an valid compiler ?

I think 2015 has yet to be supported. That’s the reason I’m not yet upgrading.

okay thank you, i did reinstall windows recently and thougt that VS2015 would be better…

I’m sure in the coming versions 2015 will have better support, likely after its final release.

You mean its the problem of VS ?

Hello GenralNoob,

We plan to support Visual Studio 2015 in the future (Hopefully sooner rather than later) but at the moment it is a compatibility issue that is on our end. In the meantime, I would suggest using 2013 instead. You can get the Community version for free from the website: Visual Studio 2022 Community Edition – Download Latest Free Version

Have a nice day

Thank you, i actually did find (while i did download VS2013) that the RC behind the name means that its not the “final” release point…
Also, you can have multiple vs instances installed so id did only take 20 minutes :smiley:
(i basically let myself be distracted by the “2015” in the name)

I will happily wait untill the realease and implemention of VS2015 !


Thank you… I did basically let myself fool by the “2015” in the name and did not know what the RC behind the name means…
I will gladly wait until the “final” release and Implemention of VS2015 !


(This Thread is solved and needs no Further Answers !)