No version Information Received

I have read several post regarding this problem but nothing seems to work for me.

The problem is simple, when I start the launcher it displays the message “No version Information Received.”. I press Ok and I’m able to log in but UE doesn’t start downloading. When I go into the Library section I see the subscribe button although I’m subscribed .

I’m sure I am running it as administrator. The weird thing is that I installed it a few days ago and everything was OK but when I tried to download the Content Examples it got stuck on “Syncing”, so I decided to reinstall it and now I’m worse than at the beginning.

I’m attaching the log file as instructed in the wiki.

Thanks if advance for your help

Take a look at this thread: Error! No Version Information Received - Getting Started & Setup - Epic Developer Community Forums :slight_smile:


There was an error with our server over the weekend that prevented users from downoading the engine. It should be fixed now - check again and try to download the engine.