No UE4-Settings.lib?

Hey !

I need to use dlc’s in my game and tried followed the dlc tutorial from epic’s doc.

But having configured my custom launch profile i got this error:

fatal error LNK1181: cannot open input file ‘C:\Program Files\Unreal Engine\4.11\Engine\Binaries\Win64\UE4-Settings.lib’

So, being a newbie in VS configuration and UE4 packaging (i have been happily using the “file/packaging project” menu out of the box for some time), i asked a question here:

But investigating a bit more, i couldn’t find the UE4-Settings.lib anywhere, not in the Win64 dir, and neither in the whole 4.11 folder:

So i begin to suspect that there is a problem, hence this report (i closed the previous question, pointing to this report).

Sorry if this is no bug and just me knowing nothing about packaging configuration. Still, not finding a file configured by default seems a bit strange.

I get the same problem with shipping conf (with UE4-Settings-Win64-Shipping.lib)

Thanks for any help



Hello ,

I’m currently looking into this issue for you. What DLC tutorial are you looking at for setting this up? Is it just the information listed in the release notes for the features being added?

Hey !

It’s this one:

But it is clear and ok, it didn’t make me set up any conf about lib, just choosing between dev and shipping building conf, which is fine.

Nothing related to this issue in my opinion, i was just mentioning it for the context.



Have you tried verifying the engine’s installation from the launcher to see if it’ll generate this missing file? If that doesn’t help, I’d suggest at least trying to reinstall one of the versions as well.

If you’re using a source built engine rather than Binary (downloaded from the launcher), then I would suggest restarting the process from the beginning, such as running the setup.bat, generateprojectfiles.bat and so on.

I just verified (didn’t solve the pb), then uninstalled/reinstalled, the files are still missing and the problem is still occuring when packaging with the custom launch profile.

Edit: i’m using the launcher version.

Your lib solved the problem.

The game is still currently cooking but the building stage has been completed successfuly.

It seems that that particular file missing itself isn’t the exact problem, as I took it out of my engine’s installation as well but still packaged without any issues. To be sure though, here’s the file itself from my 4.11 installation. Can you try adding it into your engine installation to see if it fixes the problem?


P.S. In case you’re curious, I had to put it in a . file because Answerhub doesn’t like .lib files.

Maybe it worked for you because you were using a shipping configuration instead of a development conf ?

Could you please also send me the UE4-Settings-Win64-Shipping.lib ?

Thanks !

I was using shipping, as that is what the link you provided suggested. You did mention that you also had this issue when packaging for shipping however. I’ll be adding an upload of this file to our troubleshooting section for packaging to help future users if we can’t find any other solutions. Please let me know if you run into any other issues or if this one comes back.

Thanks a lot , have a nice day !

Of course, here it is.