No TwinMotion Tab in Launcher

I installed the Epic Games Launcher, signed in, signed out, restarted a few times but the TwinMotion tab will not appear in Launcher (so I cannot install it). :confused: Running Windows 10 Enterprise.

You need to go to the twinmotion site and login there. The tab will be added then. Twinmotion - Unreal Engine

Same here, i uninstall my epic game launcher, and after reinstall it, but nothing.

the same here !! what is the solutions ?

Hi all.

Please make sure you have registered for Twinmotion: (must log in with your Epic account)

Afterwards, if you already have the Launcher running, log out. And then log back in. Make certain you log into the Launcher with the same account that registered!

I have the same problem the Twinmotion tab does not appear.
However, I logged in with my username.

Hello Guys, mine works, And this is what I did. Uninstall Unreal Engine.Follow the link peerman post. ( And EpicInstaller-10.7.0-twinmotion, will be downloaded. to your computer. Be sure you are log in, Install the EpicInstaller-10.7.0-twinmotion file and after all being done , twin motion tab will appear.Click Twin motion Tab and click the install tab.

I have the opposite issue - I uninstalled Twinmotion and would like to hide the tab - possible?