No Textures for Fir and Canopy

Hey Guys,
I made on my Earth Map, Areas with Snow Terrain and I wanted to bring green and snowy Firs into the map, but the textures are not working…
Now I tested it with green and snow Canopys, but it don´t works too, what can I do?
In Editor all textures are working fine^^

Do I really need to bring normal Trees in Arctic Areas?


If it is working fine in the editor, but not your game, then you need to make sure that the textures are in your mod file, and then recompile and save your map.

The textures are in a folder in the folder of my trees (its all the same like in “Game/PrimalEarth/Environment/Snow/Environment/Vegetation/Trees/”)
Or what do you mean?

How can I recompile the map?
I thought, this is only available in blueprints…
Do I need a blueprint to add the canopys as foliage?

i think what it should be is yourmodnamefolder/Snow/Environment/Vegetation/Trees/

yourmodnamefolder is where your mod map Level is…

Yes if you are using assets and textures not currently in ARK then you need to move those (copy) into your mod folder and then place those meshes instead, Then simply make sure the static mesh and textures are the ones in mods/yourmodfolder/***

Thats what I did, copied all from Game/PrimalEarth/Environment/Snow/Environment/Vegetation/Trees/ (this is what I´ve meant with “its all the same like in…”)
Do you think, I can´t add them as foliage?
Can I place the meshes without foliage and then harvest them?

no you cannot, it must be as foliage

ok, I test it now, how I can make it working, but till then, I replace them with trees that are working…