No teleporting on imported scene with vive cosmos VR


I just finished a course importing sketchup model set into UE4 using datasmith and default VR template. Then I realized I can not teleporting around the imported scene ( nav mesh bound used ) or use the control wheel to look around. No firing lines or point circles shows up when the controllers are triggered. I could “physically” walk aroud and turn around but not using the button function for that, except grabbing action it seems.

The UE4 scene is mostly imported from sketchup and I only added box simplified collision, nav mesh bound volume to the ground plane, then added UE4 motion controller pawn to the ground plane ( player class 0 ). So am I missing some steps here or specific control function has to be implemeneted somewhere else?

Appreciate any help here. I’m using VIVE COSMOS and UE4.20/23. Thanks