No spawn in caves

When using a mod, it appears that caves are empty, no spawns everything else in the maps looks ok, does anyone know how to solve this?

Odd. I’ve yet to hear of this issue from any of the many players that are running my mod on their server. What mod are you using? Your own? Or someone elses? And if it is your own, did you by chance mod the caves at all?

  • Sinari

it is my own, but I did not modify anything related to caves at all.

Hmmm very odd indeed then. I hate to say it, but I think this problem is more than likely just limited to your mod currently. How are you testing it? Local play in Ark? Or dedicated server? Or inside the Dev Kit?

Also just double checking/clarifying, but did you modify cave spawns at all? Or any NPC spawns/spawners whatsoever?

And could you provide some details on the mod and its functionality if you do not mind? It will help me diagnose the issue potentially.

Sure, I did not mod any dino spawns or anything related to cave spawns, npcs whatsoever, My mod consists on making all the resources in the game 1000 in stack, Increases stat gains per level, Made a traquilizing shot for longneck,and made a metal smelter that can smelt metal in bulks, It works. Spawns dont show neither on Dev kit, on local play in ark, it is a bit rando sometimes they show only bats, sometimes 1 or 2 scorpions inside, but not how dense in dinos as they usually are, especially with 3.0 Dino count, I have not tested in dedicated server, My guess is it can be related to the chitin child, but then again scorpions and other chitin resources spawn outside of caves, So I have no idea.

“My guess is it can be related to the chitin child” This is about the only thing I could see with your mod effecting this from all the details provided. But even then, I don’t think it would.

Did your increase to stat gains per level by chance modify anything dino related?

I could of modified something By error I will check