No spatialized audio for sequencer sounds?

I’m making a in engine cutscene for a VR project.
Though for this project it is very important that the sounds are clearly coming from the character that are talking.

For this i’m normally using HRTF spatialised audio attenuation settings. However when dragging a audio file (or cue) into the sequencer it wont allow for any attenuation (or audio location) options.
This is fine when you want to render out a 2D animation for a youtube video, however for VR this is worthless.

Initially i wanted to resort to just using blueprints to start both the character animation and the dialog “ambiend sound” entities at the same time. However this does not let me scrub through the audio+animation and i often get sync problems with the audio and the characters going out of sync.

Is there a way to make sure audio and video are kept in sync while also maintaining the ability to provide positional audio?

From this post: No Sound Attenuation in Sequencer Audiotrack

You actually can add/attach an audio clip to a particular actor in Sequencer and it will respect spatialization. Before you drag the audio clip in, you need to select the actor. You’ll see that the audio clip gets added to an audio track which is under the selected actor. To make this functionality more evident in the future, we’ll add a drop target so there’s some sort of highlight when you drag the audio clip in.

Does that help?

sort of, thanks!
Though in sequencer the settings for selecting the specific type of attenuation are removed in the rightclick dropdown menu (when clicking on the blue audio waveform)
Having this available would help a lot.

Also when attaching a sound to a skeletal mesh actor it would be very practical to be able to select what socket/bone the audio should be located at. Now it just selects the root of the object. This is very impractical when trying to have positional audio from a character as it seems to now originate either from their hips or from their feet.

Thanks Max.Chen! I was afraid there was no way to do this, but now it seems so obvious :wink: