No sound spatialization

I have a problem with the sound spatialization with blueprint.

I’m using the node “Play sound at Location” and it seems that all sounds are playing like the player is neer the sound even if it’s play a the other side of the map.
What do I need to show you to demonstrate that issue ?

Thank you.

Your sound needs to be mono to be spatialized, is yours? Also, if you are playing a sound directly and not using a sound cue, you will also need to select a Sound Attenuation asset in the node.

You create those in the content browser, right click Sounds>Sound Attenuation. Then set it up how you like

It’s needs to be mono ? So this is why it doesn’t work, this didn’t seem logical to me.
I’m using a sound cue for my character footsteps but not the the reste of the sound, and I’ve got a sound attenuation.

I’ll try this and I will give you feedbacks.
Thank you

Well if you think about it, in real life all sounds are mono. It will sound stereo from the spatialization anyway, i.e. different volumes in both ears etc.

Actually it seems completely logical in that angle.^^