No Sound Playing !!

Hi , i use “play sound at location” node and it’s playing well , but when
I use the “Audio Component” (Sound), in my blueprint to play a sound, i’ve no sound and got an error (Accessed None Sound From Node “SetWorldLocation” in graph “Event Graph” in Blueprint ‘charkh’ ) , please help.
![alt text][1]

It means “Sound” is null when “SetWorldLocation” is being called, which is wierd as it would show error before that. I know AudioComponent got auto destruct option, where audio component destroy it self when it’s finished playing sound. But even so it should not do that, but try calling Set World Location first before Play to make sure

thank you for reply , i make change node and calling “Set World Location” before “Play” , but still i’ve got error and i haven’t any sound.

Where error occures now?

Your Sound Audio Component only exists in your ‘My BluePrint’ Tab; it also needs to exist in your Component Tab. As for why, I’m guessing but if it’s just in your blueprint; it is just a reference with nothing assigned to it.

If you take your Sound out of the BluePrint and then add a new Sound Component, UE4 will recreate it in the BluePrint for you.

Basically Sound needs to be in both your Component lists in the Component and BluePrint Tabs for it to work.