No sound in UE 4.7


I recently installed latest preview update for UE 4.7 but have since then been unable to get any sort of audio working in engine. Sounds won’t play in content browser and there is no more audio in-game at all. I am also unable to modify volume in volume mixer because program seems to have disappeared from list. Here is a screenshot of problem:

I don’t know if I messed something up somehow but I hope someone knows how to fix this.

Hi Legion91,

4.7 Preview 5 has a few known issues, which you can read about here:

Included among these is this:

UE-8875 - No audio playback in editor

This has already been fixed internally, and should be working in next preview build.

Hi there,

I’m having same problem on my end. But just to clarify, it’s not just sound in editor that is missing - in-game sound is gone as well. For me this happened when going from preview 4 to preview 5 of 4.7 version.

Is there any way to go back to preview 4? I’m currently in process of implementing sound, so it’s not very good timing for me to not have any sound in-game.

Hi Hejden,

Yes, bug includes all audio from editor, including during play.

There is no way to revert to an earlier version of Preview binary. Preview 6 is not far off, though, so you won’t have long to wait. Generally it is not a good idea to do your main development in a Preview build; they are out so community can get a feel for new features and give us feedback and bug reports, but they can be released with many bugs.

Thanks ,

Yes, I will certainly be more careful when installing preview builds in future. I guess maybe you’re not in a position to give me an exact date for next update, but would you say that we are talking days or is it rather weeks?

Things can change very quickly here as far as release dates are concerned, but probably days rather than weeks.

Got it guys.
You need to do:

  • first lounch it with a button in editor


  • then you play a game in editor
  • close it and open you project folder
  • lounch exe version and this is it. You should probably see that some files were added because you launched game

this is it guys. Thanks!