No Sound Cue node for Panning?

I was attempting to set the Left/Right pan setting for a UI sound today and for the life of me couldn’t find out where I could set this in the Sound Cue editor (or the WAV source editor).

Am I missing something? I ended up setting the Pan setting I wanted in Audacity, then exporting the sound back out to UE4 and that worked. Is there not a way to do this in Sound Cue, though? Seems like a must-have for UI sounds which aren’t spatialized in 3d.

Alas, we had this node in UE3; we are working on bringing it back to UE4. It’s very useful :slight_smile:

I bumb this post, this would be very useful and I bet is simple to code.

Any progress on this? It’d be very useful to me too - I’m using 2d sounds for musical phrases so I need horizontal L-R panning that’s separate from spatialisation.

For anyone who’s looking for a workaround in the meantime, I’m following drunkenmaster’s lead by hard-panning duplicates of my sound waves to left and right, both as stereo files, putting each in a Sound Cue with its own Continuous Modulator, then into a Mixer. Then I can pan the sound by adjusting the volume ratio between them by setting the CMs’ parameters (to a sum total of 1.0f), which gives me a nice degree of resolution across the stereo spectrum.

Hope that’s useful to somebody!

Yep We are aware of this hack but it takes 4 times more space.

any update on this? Still really strange we have no way to pan 2d sounds in blueprint.

look up the free fmod plug in for ue4… works great

Would I be able to use an FMOD component with adjustable panning as a drop-in replacement for a 2D Sound or Sound Cue, with the rest of my logic remaining intact? Would it be overkill to have the FMOD plugin if that’s the only thing I was using it for? I’ve come to Unreal Engine since the new Audio Mixer arrived, so I’m clueless about FMOD!

Still nothing ?

A Panner Source Effect has been in UE4 for a little while now. It’s important to remember that SoundCues do not process sounds, they are not DSP graphs, and panning is (even as simple as it may seem) a sound processing effect.

Where can you find this effect ? Also, is the abomination just above your post legit or am I doing something wrong ?

Source Effects are part of the new Unreal Audio Engine, you can find information about using them and activating the new AudioMixer here:

As far as the layering hack, you may introduce phasing and you will sacrifice an extra voice.