No Sound After Packaging Content

So thanks to I have music when I start my game. But when save the game, cook it, then package it, and I open the game theres no music, you can hear engine noises (from the car) and other sound for other objects, I just don’t hear the music. Why is this? can I fix it?

Make sure that you have saved your sound file (and all other assets) into the content folder of your project :slight_smile:

+which engine version do you use?

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I just saved the sound cue and I’m using version 4.5.1

Hmm ok. Could you post your packaging steps (e.g do you choose shipping or development,…) + make sure that you open the right map (by default it opens the example map) + how do you open the packaged game

I just tried it and in my case it works fine

I try with development should I try with shipping.

Yep, try it with shipping + 32 bit


  1. Save it
  2. Cook it
  3. Package work with shipping.


  1. save everything (make sure that everything is in the content folder of the project)
  2. go to file - package project - build configuration - shipping - choose windows 32 bit - package it
  3. after it has finished (without errors) you should see a “windowsnoeditor” folder at the place where you have saved it -> double click onto it - project name - binaries - win32 - start the game :slight_smile:

Make sure to close the editor before you open the game

Thanks for every thing your a great help! P.S I have a mac.

Wait hold up that didn’t work

Hmm you use a mac ^^ -> unfortunately I dont have one, so I cant test it out if it is probably a bug, but what happens when you open the editor - go to play - choose standalone game. Also try it with another sound cue (rename it to “test”) and another project + are you 100% sure that it works in the editor?

I am 100% sure that it plays in the editor not in the packaged item

same issue with 4.6 media player in shipping x32

i have the same issue, did you find a solution?