No sound after packaging a game

In the Edit/PlayInNewWindow the sounds work just fine but after packaging there is no sound at all, is there any known issue in 4.2 about that ?

Start your game with the 32 bit .exe

When it still not works, bump this answerhub thread or create one by yourself: https://answers.unrealengine/questions/35570/so-sound-in-64bit-package.html

Thanks, how do i run my game with the 32bit exe ? my ue4editor is compiled in 64bit, do i need to recompile it ?

Well as it seems i have to recompile the engine, I will update this thread about the results.

Ok after recompiling it added 4 files to my binaries\win32 folder :


Now the folder is containing 5 file ( dbghelp.dll was there before and still in it )

What do i do with those files ?

Go into your packaged game folder -> Binaries -> in there you should find a Win32 folder and/or Win64 -> now open your game with the 32 bit .exe

After recompiling in 32bit, i packaged the game again, and now there is sound in the 64bit version ( And there is only 64bit folder ), maybe this is 32 in a folder named 64 i donno…

And now i’v noticed, If you are inside the editor while you play the game there will be no sound, only if you quit the editor and then start the game there will be sound !