No Slate Sound Structures for UMG Widgets in BP

The style of UMG widgets can be set from BP via the “set style” nodes. These also allow to set various sound effects, for example the click sound for UMG buttons. The type of the import parameters for these “set style” BP nodes is “Slate Sound Structure”.

However, there is no such structure for variables in BP, neither can I create/make such a structure. Is this a bug, i.e. a missing feature, or have I missed something?

Hmmmm grab the pin and put it in empty space, in there search for “Make”, you can also right click the pin and break the pin. If it does not work then this is indeed a bug, or rether missed thing.

That’s the problem, there is no such “Make…” option, as usual :frowning:


I have been able to reproduce the issue of not being able to set the Pressed Sound using the Set Style node, and have entered a bug report, UE-23051. In the meantime, you can get the button to play a sound by using the setup pictured below. Hope that helps.

Have a great day,

Sean Flint

Thanks, I guess that’s better than nothing. Hope you can fix this soon though!

By the way, can you estimate how long it will take to fix this bug?

While we cannot provide a timeframe for exactly when the bug will be fixed, I will provide updates as they become available.

Hey Sean, any news on this?

Ohh I see it has been fixed now, using 4.10.4 :slight_smile: