No signal problem when i use unreal engine 4

when i start using unreal engine 4 for a minute it’s pop no signal on my screen and i can’t see nothing and it’s force me to shut down my pc manually i need fix for this problem so i can use unreal engine 4 without problems .

what are your pc specifications?

My Specs are : Intel(R) Core™ i5-3550 CPU 3.30Ghz 3.70GHz , 8.00 Gb Ram, GeForce GTX 650 Ti , windows 10

You’re kind of pushing the low end of our hardware spectrum when it comes to the RAM and GPU.

Can you send me your dxdiag info? I’d like to see your full specs and driver versions.

Actually I have the exactly same system spec, and I had a lot of problems regarding Ram memory, until I increased a lot my virtual memory. Unreal works very fine here now, with more than 3 projects open at the same time, etc.

Maybe he has to increase his virtual memory too… (just guessing, but try anyway)

ok that’s my dxdiag info link text

I’ve been looking around on google and a lot of people seem to have this kind of issue playing games when they’re graphics card isn’t quite plugged in properly. Can you try re-seating the graphics card into the PCI-e slot and re-connecting any power cables?

EDIT: Also what is your power supply wattage?

my power supply is corsair vs650 watt.

i keep thinking my Local Disk (:E) it’s empty if i install windows 7 on it and install unreal engine 4 again can this solve the problem ?

i tried it same problem :frowning:

Did you try re-seating the graphics card?

I don’t have any way of knowing what will fix the issue until we identify what’s causing it

yeah i tried it today didn’t work :frowning:

Does this occur with any video games as well as UE4 Editor?

EDIT: I don’t think I was thinking, but realized you were going to put Win7 on another drive and you have Win10 right now. Could you go ahead and try that and tell me if it still occurs? We can continue from there if we figure out that it only happens in Win10

i don’t know because i didn’t get enough time to try UE4 .

I will install windows 7 in another drive and i will keep you updated :slight_smile:

i installed win7 on another drive and still having the problem :frowning:

Do you have a hardware temperature monitor? If not, there are a few free ones (Open Hardware Monitor is what I usually use). Can you tell me what is happening with your CPU and GPU temperatures after you launch UE4?

Hi iBr0wn93,

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