No signal, help!

Yesterday all the parts came and I have built the entire computer but I won’t get a signal on my screen when starting up.

I have no optical drive and was planning to install windows and everything else trough a USB.

Can somebody help me with this? Every fan is running and the GTX 980 are running and the cooler is running. Just no signal…

System specs:
Asus Rampage v Extreme x99 Motherboard
Intel I7 5960x 8 core
2 Asus Geforce 908gtx Strix in SLI
Seagate 2tb Hdd
EVGA 750w Supernova NEX750B
NH-d15 Cooler
Ballistix 4x8GB ddr4 ram 2400Mhz

I only use my tv with the hdmi port. I can still view my laptop in hdmi-mode, no problem with that. I have done it already and restarted my tv. I disconnected and reconnected both the Sli connection plus reconnected the connections on the cpu.

To clarify, I am using my TV as a screen for my ASUS laptop right now.

Try removing the second GPU and then setup SLI after you’ve got it running correctly with the single card.
If it’s not working with that GPU, try switching the GPU’s.

Been there. :frowning: There are so many things that could be the problem.

Does your HDD spin up?
Have you tried plugging your TV through the motherboard rather than the GPU?
Once you think everything is started, what lights are on, on the motherboard? (This will tell you how far along it has booted-up).

I don’t know what caused it. In one of the reboots it fixed itself I have let the computers insides been untouched since haha. When it didn’t work the GPU lights on the MOBO flashed red.

Thanks for getting back to us. I’m glad it got sorted. :slight_smile:

Happy devving!