No shadow or reflection on ocean water


I trying to get shadow and reflection on my ocean. But with no succes for now.
What do i do wrong…

Any help please

Working with the early release 5.0 and the water plugin.

Kind regards Rinus

Same problem here. I got a reflection by importing the ocean from Blender and creating a shader in Unreal. Is it possible to get reflections on the ocean plugin?

Assuming you’re on 5.1 preview, yes. It largely depends on how your shader is set up, however. What’s your shading model?

@jblackwell I´m using Unreal 5.03.
I´m using the default water shader. This is the Water Plugin. I´m using Ocean.

In that case, you’ll have to be on 5.1 preview to get translucent reflections, no real workaround unfortunately short of opaque water.

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@jblackwell Ah ok. I´ll download 5.1 to test it. Thanks!